About the Artist

Janette Allegue, was born in Havana, Cuba 1971, with an unconventional childhood, where paintbrushes and colors take over her world, from an early age she venture into art capturing the beauty of her surroundings at every step, thus converting landscapes and traditional scenes into her favorites themes.

At just 9 years of age, who herself was a self-taught plastic artist, decided to pave a path for her into the world of the arts by having her meet Roberto Gorky, who was going to be her mentor for many years to come. Alongside her mentor, Janette, at just years old presented her first art exhibition in La Galeria Amelia Pelaez.

Without becoming interested in the study of art professionally, she continues to enrich her passion for painting in a self-taught way, with untiring periods of work, where the different events of her life are reflected in her works, contrasting this with long periods of time where she does not dare to pain.

In Spain, she takes up again the brushes, this time guided by a deep nostalgia, thus
beginning another stage in her art, giving another vision and another meaning to her
paintings, a change that takes her to exhibit in several cities of Spain.

Once again the vicissitudes of life lead her to emigrate, this time she moves to United
States of America, to the city of Miami, where she currently resides and once
established, continues in the path of plastic arts, with new creations, she begins
showing her work in various exhibitions and local events. She has
performed in multiples collective exhibitions at the “Milander Center for the Arts and
Entertainment”, her work has also been exhibited at “El Bunker” Alternative Space, “NMBG” at the “Hernán Gamboa Gallery”, she participated in the “Paint me Miami” contest and a Pop Stram contest in Barcelona, Spain. She also participated on many Art Fairs as “Carnaval on the Mile”, “Arte para Vivir”, “Art on Palm”, “Viernes Culturales of Little Havana”, “Cuba Nostalgia”, “Colombia Festival”. Some of her works have been
donated to institutions with the purpose of raising funds for the fight against childhood cancer and autism.
Currently her art is exhibited at Futurama Art Gallery, located at 1637 South West 8th Street,
Miami, Florida.

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